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“As you say”. Imagine having the power to manifest whatever you want by simply setting your intention and allowing the words to float from your lips,  pass the stars, and then a gentle whisper is delivered to Gods ear.. Ask, Believe, Receive by magnifying  you’re manifestation with this sultry brown glitter lipstick. 

One application takes you from day to night . 

How to apply:

  1. Use a lip liner of the similar color to outline your lips. (Optional)
  2. Then apply the glue gloss as you would regular lipgloss, covering your entire lip evenly.
  3. Then, press a generous amount of the glitter onto your lips one section at a time using lip applicator 
  4. Brush away excess glitter from around your mouth. 
    * Pro Tip: Using your finger to apply the glitter is the best way to apply the glitter. And for a precise clean finish. Go around your mouth with a little concealer.  


Kit includes:

1. 5g of Glitter Crystals

2. Gloss Bond

3.  Dual Brush/Lip Applicator