Accidental Icon

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Inspired by Iris Arfel,  we couldn't resist the urge to debut another new lash. As we approach a new decade we are highlighting Unconventional Muses because we honor women from all walks of life. Please help us celebrate the timeless beauty Iris Apfel who is a 95 year old fashion icon, famous for her eclectic signature style and her skill as an interior designer for some 6 presidents!!! Our newest lash is named in honor of her new book, ”Accidential Icon”, because sometimes more is more!! This lash style mimics the style of our classic lash from the original Muse Collection however, we borrowed key patterns from the old lash and revolutionized it by providing more density with this new style. This is a lash our Muse would certainly appreciate as it is said that the she known to mix high end couture designer garments with thrifty gems - awww a woman after our own heart!! Additionally, he appreciation for patterns makes this lash the appropriate style to honor her essence.